Dr. Peter Dang at Precision Dental Orange County believes in conservative dentistry, which focuses on your long-term dental health.

With conservative dental treatments, Dr. Dang aims at removing a minimum of the healthy tooth structure when performing any restorative or repair work. Natural tooth enamel and dentin are tough and the best dental materials available.

As such, conservative dentistry uses minimally invasive procedures that conserve as much of the original, healthy tooth structure as possible, while restoring the shape, size, and function of a damaged or infected tooth. This is made possible through the use of new dental instruments, techniques, and materials that allow for adhesive restorations and eliminate the need for extensive preparations.

Subspecialties of conservative dentistry

This branch of dentistry uses different practices to restore the health of damaged teeth, including:

  1. Operative dentistry

This refers to practices involved in the prevention and treatment of common dental problems, including tooth enamel erosion, discoloration, and cavities. The objective of operative dental services is to restore the original function and aesthetic of the damaged or infected teeth by causing as little tooth damage as possible during site preparation.

  1. Endodontics dentistry

This branch of conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of severe tooth damage that extends to the pulp and roots of the tooth, in order to restore teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Large cavities and fractures that expose the tooth pulp often require extensive work to the remaining tooth structure in order to remove the nerves and blood vessels, and disinfect and clean the cavity in preparation for filling with the root canal material. Endodontics dentistry focuses on optimizing the health of the tooth root to provide a strong and sturdy base for the repaired tooth.

  1. Cariology

This branch focuses on dental treatments provided on the surface of the tooth to strengthen its structure, and usually complements endodontic treatment.

Advantages of conservative dentistry

Conservative treatments use minimally invasive dental procedures to restore the health of damaged teeth. This offers several benefits for the patient, including:

  • Less discomfort during treatment
  • Faster treatment and discharge as it eliminates the need for general anesthesia
  • Stronger tooth structure for long-lasting restorations

The success of conservative treatments largely depends on early detection and the skill of the dentist. Visit our dental practice in Garden Grove today for a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.